Aug 12, 2015

MWC 2015 - Day 5

A work in progress!
Sad to say, we had no footprints left to add to the quilt/banner.  As I was packing up a woman came by very disappointed that she and her friend couldn't add a footprint so I wrote down her information and when I got home added two additional footprints as well as three more rows of squares and a black border.  

I am very grateful for having had this opportunity to meet so many women and men from countries around the world - - speaking so many different languages yet all connected to each other by a common confession of faith and focus on discipleship, community, service and peace.  What an amazing and inspiring week it was!

It was a privilege and joy to share with these fellow Anabaptist Christians about Mennonite Women Canada.  My hope is that the completed banner will be a symbol of our walking together with God, overcoming our differences in culture, language,  and styles of worship to bring praise, honour and glory to God in all we do.


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