Aug 12, 2015

Women walking together in faith - July 2015 - "Hope is a gift friends can give each other"

In the July 6, 2015 issue of the Canadian Mennonite, Kate Janzen, our AB rep, wrote a piece entitled 'Hope is a gift friends can give each other'. Kate asks, "What do Martha Stewart and Yvonne Johnson have in common? They both spent time in prison. ..... Johnson grew up marginalized from childhood onwards. After having gone from one prison to another for 19 years, she continues to live in poverty. However, she is trying to recreate a life for herself and her grandchildren by sharing her life experiences and helping others to benefit from the insights she gained."  To read the whole article click on this link.

Yvonne Johnson (second from left) with friends Mary Stacey,
Kate Janzen and Jeannette Thiessen who support Johnson
in working to become self-sufficient.

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