May 28, 2012

Pentecost and Baptism
This past Sunday churches around the world celebrated Pentecost remembering God's gift of the Holy Spirit to us.  Many churches also offered baptism to new believers welcoming them into the family of God.  As part of the worship/baptism service at Vineland United Mennonite Church, the following poem by Carol Penner was read.

Step One 
On the journey with Jesus
there is always the  first step; 
the first prayer,
the first self-less act,
the first encounter with scripture,
the first true repentance,
the first enemy loved,
the first sin renounced,
the first gift discovered,
the first falling away,
the first return to a God waiting
with open arms.

Baptism is a first.
A first public commitment,
a first joining the church,
a first communion,
a first dedication,
body, mind and soul for Jesus,
who also took first steps
wading into the river to be baptized.

Bless our beginnings,
for we know that simplicity and innocence
are often casualties on the rocky road.
Creator God, make the seed of our first
beginnings grow into a sturdy tree.
Holy Spirit, make the trickle of our first beginnings
join in the rush of your mighty river.
Jesus, train from these humble first beginnings
disciples who will walk with you
on the long road to Jerusalem.

Written by Carol Penner  

May 21, 2012

Barkman's Commissioning

Sunday, May 20th, 2012. a very special day in the life of Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Abbotsford, BC but an extra special day in the lives of the Barkman family.

Having just added a brand new little one to their family, Makai Siegfried Bartel Barkman on April 3, 2012, the celebrations started with a Parent/Child Dedication.
Parent/Child Dedication - officiating is Pastor April Yamasaki.
But that was only the beginning!

What followed was a very moving commissioning and the sending of a young family into the Mission Field of the Philippines. The sermon was based on Ephesians 2:17-3:2. Very appropriate worship songs were chosen, such as "Praise, I will praise you Lord", "Will you let me be your servant" and "Here I am, Lord" just to name a few.

Emmanuel Mennonite Church was very happy to see the many visitor, family and friends that came to support the Barkman family on this special occasion.
Family and supporting friends gather for a group picture.
After the morning service everyone was invited to a potluck lunch and the celebration continued!
Had an opportunity to take a picture with the
Barkmans for Mennonite Women Canada.
(The  baby  was with  Grandma)
In March, Mennonite Women Canada chose the Barkman Family as one of 2 families that will be supported for the next 3 years through the "Pennies & Prayer Inheritance Fund" (PPIF). This is an endowment fund which is intended "to enhance the involvement of women in MC Canada Mission Work". 
They will each receive $2,500 per year.
"The projects are chosen with the hope that the women working in them will feel that there is a supportive community of women that cares about them and their work, both financially and with prayer." Liz Koop - President, Mennonite Women Canada
The announcement about the Barkmans having been chosen as the recipients for the PPIF funds was also made at the MCBC Women's Ministry "Inspirational Day" on May 5th at Bethel Mennonite Church
"We trust that as you, Christina and Darnell, together with you sons Cody & Makai, embark on this journey, you will feel the prayers and support of  family, friends and also the many women from across Canada who make up Mennonite Women Canada."      
May God richly bless you and your family!
           Liz Koop and the Executive Committee of Mennonite Women Canada.

You can also follow the Barkman's Philippine Mission adventures on Facebook. Click here!

May 16, 2012

WMCEC gets a taste of Kingsfield Zurich Hospitality

April 21, 2012, 256 Women of MCEC met in Zurich, Ontario to enjoy the annual Spring Enrichment Day.  From the morning coffee to the final note of the sung benediction the day was packed full…of flowers everywhere, quilt display, good food, variety of music performed and participated in, words of scripture, encouragement and hope.  Phyllis Ramer welcomed everyone and shared “The Flavour of Kingsfield Zurich” while Melanie Siebert shared “The Flavour of Kingsfield Clinton”. (Kingsfield Clinton is the newest member of the Wellesley West Cluster). 
Guest Speaker Janine Schultz, Christian Counsellor and founder of By Peaceful Waters spoke on “God’s Extravagant Grace” sharing many scriptures and segments of her own story to help us understand that God’s grace is abundantly able to break down the barriers of the lies that we believe about ourselves: lies of ”I don’t exist”, ”I don’t belong,” and  ”I am not worthy”.
Kathryn Good, WMCEC Executive member, led the business portion of the meeting with financial report by Lisa Blackburn, announcements by Florence Jantzi,  greetings from Liz Koop, President of Mennonite Women Canada, and greetings from MCEC David Martin.
From the many kind compliments of the day, proved that is was worth the drive to Huron County’s West Coast. 
I am also sending you the video clip that was made of the day. Click here!
I hope you enjoy it. Phyllis Ramer

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