Nov 10, 2017

Women Walking Together in Faith - November 2017 - Grandma, please tell me a story

Our Canadian Mennonite arrived in the mail today and I spotted MW Canada's contribution on page 14.  It is written by Waltrude Gortzen, who represents MC BC Women's Ministry on the MW Canada board. 

She begins her article by asking....."Do you remember any of the stories your grandma told you when you were little?" and shares some memories of both her maternal and paternal grandmothers.  

She states, "Knowing and preserving our stories and recognizing God's guidance in them, gives us a sense of rootedness and belonging.  And most importantly, it encourages us to be grateful for the sacrifices our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents endured as they, by faith, set off on perilous journeys so that we could live in the abundance and freedoms of this country we call home." 

Read the entire article HERE.

A young Waltrude (Nickel) Gortzen
with her maternal Oma, Maria (Enns)
Janzen while visiting her grandparents in
Fernheim, Chaco, Paraguay in July 1966

Waltrude Gortzen with some of her
precious family photo albums