May 29, 2013

MCBC Women's Ministry - Inspirational Day 2013


It took some time but it's finally done! 
A full account of our BC Inspirational Day.
Lots of details and lots of pictures and 
you can see and read it all right 

Enjoy! ! !

May 26, 2013

SWM Enrichment Day - April 27

In the following weeks I plan to post write-ups about the various provincial/area meetings that have been held across Canada this spring.  For over 70 years women's groups from each province have met once or twice a year to discuss business, listen to a guest speaker and fellowship with one another.  In the past number of years the women who attend these meetings (and the ones in our local churches) are getting older and there are fewer younger women in attendance.   This has not gone unnoticed and Mennonite Women Canada is constantly being challenged to find ways to encourage the participation of younger women.  --Liz Koop 

Saskatchewan Women in Mission (SWM) celebrated their annual Enrichment Day on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at Eigenheim Mennonite Church with 87 women in attendance. In the foyer, bedding plants on a garden bench depicted the day’s theme – “Like a Watered Garden” – while water trickled through several garden fountains, adding an auditory element to the visual display. 
Hosted by Eigenheim Women’s Fellowship, the event began with refreshments and a time of visiting. Morning worship included hearty singing led by Gwen Ens and accompanied by Donna Schulz, and a devotional by Lois Siemens. SWM executive officers were commissioned for another year of service during the annual business meeting. They are Myrna Sawatzky, president, Marilyn Neufeld, vice-president, Ruth Quiring Heppner, treasurer, and Verna Olfert, secretary. Naomi Unger and Lois Siemens continue on the program committee; the third position on this committee is vacant. Kathy Friesen, Glennis Koop, and Denise Epp form the nominating committee.  

Following lunch in the fellowship hall, Melita Hildebrand, gave participants a mental workout with a gardening quiz, and Marian Hooge Jones offered a physical workout with a series of gardening-related stretches and exercises. The afternoon session began with a devotional by Naomi Unger and special music by the Eigenheim women. Kaytee Edwards, representing MCC Saskatchewan’s gardening project, described her work of teaching inner-city children to grow their own food. SWM designated a portion of the afternoon’s offering for this project. Featured speaker Lavonne Dyck of Glenbush eloquently shared what gardening has taught her about faith in Christ. Then four women – Verna Olfert, Kristen Fehr, Renata Klassen and Rosalind Epp – shared their “100-word stories” about meeting God in their gardens. This was followed by conversation in the pews around the question, “What have you learned about God through gardening?” A memorial service, led by the women of Zoar Mennonite Church, Langham, honoured women who passed away in 2012. Refreshments and more visiting brought the day’s activities to a close.

 - Donna Schulz

May 23, 2013

Women walking together in faith - May 2013 - "Sorry, sad or's better together"

Sooo.. once again it was BC's turn to come up with an article for the Canadian Mennonite.
What to write about is always the BIG question! 
It was discussed at length at our March Spring Leadership Meetings in Winnipeg and I was sort of challenged to write about the topic that you can find linked HERE!

I can tell you that it really ended up being a challenge and it left me struggling.
But Facebook friends can be so helpful (Thank you Elsie Rempel)! 
Something that was just swirling around in my head, actually became an article --- 
with lots of help from Leona Penner
Leona helps Mennonite Women Canada edit its articles 
and has wonderful suggestions, too!

To complete this article we also wanted to include a graph about how we all connect. 
We had brain-stormed about this in Winnipeg and 
with help from the graphic-designers at Mennonite Church Canada 
our vision became what you see below. 
Thank you Dan Dyck and Megan Kamei 
for your work on this graph and we plan to use it for some time to come. 

Our hope is that it will help our women understand  
how we fit into to the larger family of  
Mennonite Women Canada and Mennonite Church Canada! 

May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Prayer

Loving God, we give thanks today for mothers!
Thank you for mothers who gave birth to us,
and women who have treated us as their own children.
You teach us how to be good mothers,
cherishing and protecting the children among us.
Help us mother lovingly, fairly, wisely and with great joy.
Help us raise our children to be the people they are born to be.

We need your comfort here today, Lord,
because some are missing mothers, some are missing children,
some are parted by distance or death.
Comfort those who have given up their child for adoption,
or who chose not to give birth, and had an abortion.
Comfort those who longed to be biological mothers, and could not.
We pray for those here whose mothers have disappointed them;
we ask for grace in relationships where there is pain and bitterness,
for healing in relationships where there is abuse and violence.
Help our congregation be a space where people can feel mothered,
their gifts and talents appreciated and nurtured.

Finally, we pray today for mothers around the world;
mothers who cannot feed their children,
mothers who are homeless or without a homeland;
mothers who must teach their children about the dangers of bombs and bullets.
Help us create a world where mothers can raise their children in peace and plenty.
God of mothers, who created mothers, who came as a child and had a mother,
God our Mother, loving us with a sweeter and deeper love than we have ever known,
hear our prayer this day, Amen.

May 7, 2013

Nathan and Taryn Dirks

Earlier this year Rudy and Sharon Dirks, parents to Nathan and Taryn, visited them in Gaborone, Botswana where they are working with the African Initiated Church (AIC) leaders and Kgologano College. As Mennonite Church Canada workers, they will help develop leaders among the youth and young adults and teach Bible courses with local AIC congregations.  Pray that they will build strong connections with other young people and model a committed Christian marriage.
Nathan and Taryn are recipients of MW Canada's Pennies and Prayers Legacy Fund

Click on article about their visit written by Deborah Froese, Director of News Services for Mennonite Church Canada.  

May 3, 2013

Mennonite Girls Can Cook; Celebrations Book signing events Book Giveaway

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Celebrations Book signing events Book Giveaway:
Today starts a weekend full of book signing events and parties to celebrate our new book. Our first events will be held in Abbots...

BC has the honour of hosting the launch for this latest book from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. All 10 authors are in town this weekend to autograph our copies.

I will be seeing them tonight and again on Sunday afternoon.

Many congratulations to all of you!

May 2, 2013

Alberta Women's Retreat

Here is the poster for the Alberta Women's Retreat.   
This is the last of the posters for upcoming events.  In the next few weeks we hope 
to start posting reports of these events so be sure to check in again soon!
Blessings to the Alberta women as they reflect on the theme
"Designed in God's Image"