May 23, 2013

Women walking together in faith - May 2013 - "Sorry, sad or's better together"

Sooo.. once again it was BC's turn to come up with an article for the Canadian Mennonite.
What to write about is always the BIG question! 
It was discussed at length at our March Spring Leadership Meetings in Winnipeg and I was sort of challenged to write about the topic that you can find linked HERE!

I can tell you that it really ended up being a challenge and it left me struggling.
But Facebook friends can be so helpful (Thank you Elsie Rempel)! 
Something that was just swirling around in my head, actually became an article --- 
with lots of help from Leona Penner
Leona helps Mennonite Women Canada edit its articles 
and has wonderful suggestions, too!

To complete this article we also wanted to include a graph about how we all connect. 
We had brain-stormed about this in Winnipeg and 
with help from the graphic-designers at Mennonite Church Canada 
our vision became what you see below. 
Thank you Dan Dyck and Megan Kamei 
for your work on this graph and we plan to use it for some time to come. 

Our hope is that it will help our women understand  
how we fit into to the larger family of  
Mennonite Women Canada and Mennonite Church Canada! 

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