May 30, 2011

Fasting & Feasting - The Jesus Diet

It's been a month since BC had it's Inspirational Day.

Saturday, April 30th greeted us with beautiful and warm sunshine.

Some of the Japanese Cherry trees on the streets around Sherbrooke Mennonite Church were still loaded with blossoms.

We started the morning with a short Memorial Service, remembering our 27 sisters that went to meet their Lord & Saviour since last year's Inspirational Day.

A rose in memory of each loved one!

Our song leaders: Rachel Cornelsen and Charlotte Froese

After a special musical tribute by our two song leaders, we moved on to a short business session where we approved the following items:

1. - a new logo for MCBC Women's Ministry

2. - a new fund raising venture with the ONEbean Coffee Company
3. - a renewed commitment including $$$ to Mennonite Women Canada

We also informed the ladies that MCBC Women's Ministry now has a Facebook page which is slowly gathering a few friends.

We asked the women if they had received a copy of NEW Mennonite Women Canada "Connections" issues and by far the majority had actually received a copy and those that didn't got it in the Program Booklet for the Inspirational Day. The response to the new layout and all the stories in the issue were very favorable and encouraging.

We took a nice long lunch break which allowed time for lots of visiting and even a walk around the neighbourhood.

The meal was healthy and delicious but left the women waiting for more..... in particular, dessert or "Platz" even though there was a wonderful fruit centerpiece on each table that was actually meant to be our dessert! Are wondering what else was on the menu? ...well, let me tell you!
Remember the title? "The Jesus Diet"? ---- prepared was a menu of foods that Jesus could possibly have eaten during his time on our broken planet.

A delicious lentil soup and pittas filled with a seafood (tuna) salad was the main course. There was an assortment of nuts and olives and, of course, the fruit platters.

Our beautiful dessert platters!

After lunch everyone reconvened in the sanctuary where the afternoon Worship Service began with an explanation about our yummy meal and everyone could hear the "ahhaaa" and a few schuckes from the audience.
Suddenly things made sense! Such fun!!!

We then proceeded with the program as outlined --- songs, verbal and visual presentations and an offering.

Above are two special music treats -
on the left - 3 generations of the
Pavez family from
First United Spanish Mennonite Church, Vancouver ---
and on the right 2 young Schroeder sisters from
Sherbrooke Mennonite Church singing
"I love Jesus better than Ice-Cream" Pizza or Borscht.

Our three speakers from left to right -
Pastor Ingrid Schultz, Dr. Helen Eng and Katrina Goertzen

Our special guests, each an expert in their own field, taught us about how to take care of ourselves.

Nutritional Wellness - our first speaker Katrina Goertzen (Nutritionist) instructed us about the value of good nutrition, clean and unclean foods - including a very appropriate PowerPoint presentation.

Physical Wellness - Dr. Helen Eng (General Practitioner) spoke on the importance of our physical well being, the "dos and don'ts" when traveling abroad and yes... the need to exercise!

Spiritual Wellness - Pastor Ingrid Schultz from First United Mennonite Church concluded our afternoon sessions with a short meditation based on Psalm 34:8-10 and Luke 5:33-35.

After the offering, our fall retreat at Camp Squeah was introduced and each woman received a retreat registration brochure which can also be found online here. The afternoon program concluded with an invitation to next year's Inspirational Day which will take place on Saturday, May 5th at Bethel Mennonite Church.

We hope that our event was a blessing to those that attended and are grateful that through our humble offering we can also bless 3 additional ministries; Camp Squeah, the MCC Refugee Food Bank and the Samuelito Day Care Centre in Bolivia.

Ohhh .... and the "Platz" and coffee?
Yes, we still enjoyed them before going home! ! !


Note: When the program was done and the women were still mingling, a mother and daughter walked up to me and informed me that they were visitors from Bolivia. They wanted to let me how much it meant to them that MCBC Women's Ministry and the Sherbrooke Planning Committee had decided to support the Samuelito Day Care Centre. Apparently, both of them , as well as, a number of other women in attendance were quite familiar with the Centre.

God works in mysterious ways! To Him be the Glory!

May 8, 2011

A Mothers’ Day Litany

Voice 1: Like a mother eagle teaching her young to fly, You push us to stretch our wings and risk falling. Yet You do not abandon us but lift us up, protecting us from evil.

All voices: We thank You protecting God.

Voice 2: Like a mother bear, furious when her cubs are in danger, You bring justice on those who oppress the young.

All voices: We thank You, compassionate God.

Voice 3: Your Spirit comforts us as one whom a mother comforts.

All voices: We thank You, nurturing God.

Voice 4: Holy Spirit, You are everywhere, the Lord and Giver of life. We praise You for the gift of mothers, through whom You give us life.

All voices: We thank You for their willingness to nurture life, for their trust in You to guide them through the labour of childbirth, the uncertainties of youth, the letting go of young adulthood.

Voice 1: We thank You for all those women, who did not give us birth, but through whom You give us abundant life.

All voices: We thank You for school teachers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, pastors, elders, Sunday School teachers, supervisors, and friends who share wisdom.

Voice 2: We ask Your tender mercies on all those whose mothers now sing with the heavenly chorus, for those whose tears are not yet dry.

All voices: Grant them Your peace, which passes understanding.

Voice 3: We ask Your comforting presence on those mothers who have buried sons and daughters.

All voices: Grant them the grace to trust their loved ones to Your never-ending care.

Voice 4: We pray for those who are alienated from their mothers by harsh words, distance, misunderstanding.

All voices: Grant them Your grace to forgive and to love again.

Voice 1: We pray for mothers whose children have met a violent death.

All voices: Deliver them from anguish.

Voice 2: We pray for mothers who work but cannot earn enough to feed, clothe and educate their children.

All voices: Wake us to our responsibility for common welfare.

Voice 3: We pray for mothers who are dying of AIDS and other diseases for which we know no cure.

All voices: Raise up among us caregivers for their children and expand our compassion.

Voice 4: We pray for mothers who are guardians for grandchildren whose parents are unable or unwilling to care for them.

All voices: Grant them courage and strength and patience for the living of each day.

Voice 1: We pray for mothers whose children face limitations of intelligence, emotional, or physical ability.

Voice 2: Deliver them from hovering; grant them wisdom to encourage each child’s full potential with You.

All voices: We thank you, oh God, for those who have committed themselves to us:

Voice 3: for those who have been there in our times of trouble and heartache to encourage and support us,

Voice 4: and in times of joy and celebration to share that joy, and give it even more meaning and worth.

All voices: We thank you, oh God, for all those who have been prepared to grow with us, learning the meaning of commitment and faith as they lived it out each day, so that faith became an exciting shared experience in deepening understanding of the world and of ourselves.

May 5, 2011

This month I'm highlighting something different -
not one resource but MANY!

Why not bring the Resource Centre to you -
in one of the following ways:

  • Cheaper by the Dozen program. Borrow 12 books - on a variety of themes and topics - and peruse them for an extended 6-week loan period. A great way to browse before you buy!
  • Displays. Borrow 20 books - on a specific theme/topic for a women's meeting, day retreat or weekend conference. We'll help tailor the display to meet your occasion.
  • Invite staff. Our Mennonite Church Canada staff are available to speak on a variety of topics. Various international workers are on North American itineration. Check our Speakers' Bureau.

Questions or suggestions?
Please contact the Resource Centre
or check our loan policy.

Loaned books are sent anywhere in Canada - free of charge - both ways!

We'll profile a new title at this blog every month