Sep 23, 2012

More 60th Anniversary Information

Below are a few more posters with some information that you may or may not have known before.
Maybe some of the info will resonate with you and propel you to become involved with your local Women's Ministry in your congregation or community.
Or maybe you would just like to send in a donation towards the ministries that Mennonite Women Canada is already working with.
Just click right  HERE and we would be ever so grateful for your contribution!

I think that the posters below don't need any captions as they pretty much have all the info right on them. 

Ohh... and do you know that you are allowed to leave comments on each and every blog post? Sure would be nice to actually hear from someone/anyone every once in a while. :-)

Blessings to all our friends out there in cyberspace! ! !
Enjoy the beautiful Fall Season!

Sep 19, 2012

Canadian Mennonite - Front Covers

Here is something that we, Mennonite Women Canada, are rather proud of!

In 2007 Canadian Mennonite Editor/Publisher Tim Miller Dyck approached Erna Neufeldt - former Mennonite Women Canada President (2005-11), and invited us into a new and exciting venture.
Six times a year we would have a full page in the Canadian Mennonite on which to tell the varied and inspirational stories of women walking the faith.

Leona Dueck Penner is the CM liaison for us and helps us write and re-write our articles until we get it right. We appreciate her continued help and support she still keeps giving us, even to this very day.

Our first article featured the "Pennies & Prayer Inheritance Fund" and it appeared in the Nov. 12/07 issue. Since then we have had many articles with diverse topics. We were also invited to submit our own photos to go with our articles and surprise, surprise... on 4 occasions our photos have been chosen to grace the front cover of the Canadian Mennonite magazine.

Below are the 4 front covers...
January 23, 2012
Photo by Myrna Sawatzky, SK
November 28, 2011
Photo by Leona Dueck Penner, MB
July 11, 2011
Photo by Dawn Martens Koop, ON
November 29, 2010
Photo by Waltrude Gortzen, BC

Sep 3, 2012

60th Anniversary - more pictures.

Thought you might like to see a few more pictures from our 60th Anniversary Celebration! 
These photos were taken by Amy Dueckman BC Correspondent to Canadian Mennonite

What's a birthday party without presents? No fun at all! :-)
Donated door prizes for which we are so thankful.
Friends having a chat.
Dori Zerbe-Cornelsen and Marie Rehsler
Our Worship Team and Amy even got me! :-)
Reading of the historical vignettes.
L-R: Waltrude Gortzen, Lois Mierau, Liz Koop, Ev Buhr,
Myrna Sawatzky and Carol Penner.
A room full of pretty ladies listening attentively! 
We are thankful that the Lord blessed us with a wonderful celebration.
We will always remember it fondly!