Jul 29, 2012

Stitch by Stitch and Seed by Seed! ! !

Have you been waiting to read a bit more about our 60th Anniversary Celebration? 

Not a problem! :-)

Just check out this link and keep on reading! 

Jul 18, 2012

Anniversary Program

Here's the program bulletin from our 60th Anniversary Celebration!  Write up and photos will be posted soon!

Jul 11, 2012

Anniversary Poster

Celebrating 60 years!!!

Just to let you know ~ Our anniversary celebration is taking place this 
Saturday, July 14 at 12 noon in the Elmbridge Room at the 
Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond, BC.  
We are delighted that 130 women have registered for this event, which will include a hot buffet lunch, some historical vignettes, our annual meeting 
and special guests - the 'Mennonite Girls Can Cook'  team.  
I will be posting the program bulletin along with 
some photos after the celebration
so visit us again and see what you missed! 

Safe travels to everyone participating in the 
Mennonite Church Canada Assembly this week!