Aug 12, 2015

Women walking together in faith - May 2015 - "Burning bush moment leads to refugee children singing"

Every second month our executive members take a turn writing/finding someone to write an article for our page in the Canadian Mennonite magazine called "Women walking together in faith". In the May 11, 2015 issue Naomi Unger from Rabbit Lake, SK wrote about how congregations from Alliance, Anglican, Catholic, Evangelical, Lutheran, Mennonite and Seventh Day Adventists in Rosthern, SK worked together in 2007 to bring refugees to Rosthern. Naomi writes "Now there are four families of Karen ethnic background from Myanmar who call Rosthern their home, including eight adults and 23 children." Read the whole article here

Karen children, refugees from Myanmar, sing at a
Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan event last fall.

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