Jul 24, 2015

MWC 2015 - Day 4

Today I ran out of footprints and pins so I couldn't add any more footprints to the quilt.  I will take it home and add some more fabric squares and hopefully fit all of the footprints onto it.  My dream is to take the completed quilt as a banner to the next Mennonite World Conference in 2021 in Indonesia and march in the Parade of Banners at the opening session!  I will also bring it to display at our upcoming MW Canada annual meeting which will be in Saskatoon next summer.  

Surprise!  We even had some men wanting to put up their footprints! The Indian gentleman with my husband Alf is Rev. Christopher Meesaalu, who knew and was mentored by missionary Anne Ediger, who was my husband's grandmother's cousin. He ministers to several remote villages in Telangana State in India. Christopher was deeply moved to find several members of Anne Ediger's extended family at MWC and he expressed his deep appreciation for her influence on his life.  It was a moving experience! 

I had an interesting conversation (partly in English, partly in French) with EKIEN-E-EKIAG BAUDOUIN from the Mennonite Church in Durban who is involved in planting a Mennonite Church in South Africa. He was interested in hearing about how the women are organized in Canada and wants to begin a relationship with MW Canada. It will be interesting to see what develops from our exchange of email addresses!

One more day and then we'll pack up the display!


  1. This must have been such a fun project for you, Liz and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  2. Yes, it was, Waltrude! I met so many wonderful people and made a lot of connections! The quilt is on hold for now as we have guests from Paraguay for a few days. I post a photo of it when I'm done!