Jul 23, 2015

MWC 2015 - Day 3

Today was a day of reconnecting with some of the Bolivian Mennonite 
friends my husband and I made when we served with MCC i
Santa Cruz (2002-2005).  
There were lots of embrazos (hugs) all around!

Seeing these women again brought back so many wonderful
memories of our time in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  It was great to
hear their stories and see how they are using their
gifts in the ministry of the church.

Angela Opimi pins her footprint onto the quilt.

Juneth Vargas, with her lovely smile, is the director of the
Guarderia Samuelito, which was MW Canada's
International Ministry Project a few years ago.
She is an amazing young woman!

And the group gets larger with more Bolivian friends
joining me behind the display table.

Tomorrow I think we might run out of footprints and I know I will definitely have to add more squares to the quilt to get all of them on!

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