Jul 21, 2015

MWC 2015 - Day 1

Below are some photos of those who stopped by to add their footsteps to the quilt.  It has been wonderful to connect with so many women from so many different countries.  We are all on the same path, walking together with God!

Adding a footstep with Antje van Djik of the Netherlands.  She
the Landelijke Federatie van Doopsgezinde
Zusterkringen (L.F.D.Z) Anabaptist Sister Groups 
began in 1952, the same year as Mennonite Women Canada.

Three women from the Zimbabwe Brethren in Christ Church
add their footsteps to the quilt.

With J.V. Vidya Ranjani from South India who helped in hosting
MWC 1997 in Calcutta.  She is a pastor's wife and works with
groups of women leading weekly Bible studies and
offering counselling services.

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