Apr 21, 2014

Easter Metamorphosis

Having had a very busy Easter weekend I didn't find time to post this so am doing it now.  It is an excerpt from Saturday's St. Catharines Standard 
written by regular Religion page columnist Bob Ripley.

Easter, like New Year's Day, can be a time for renewal, 
a time to start over again...
We think it's impossible to start fresh, 
just like we look at a crawling caterpillar and can hardly imagine 
that it is destined to fly; that it will burst its cocoon, 
and its wings, wet with rebirth, will slowly open.  
Then this creature of fragile loveliness 
will hoist delicate sails into the fragrant air 
and fly into the blue vault of the sky.
The first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, 
the Christian festival of Easter, 
might be a morning for our metamorphosis; 
a land of beginning again
where we leave our cocoon and take wing above the mud and milkweed, 
with new eyes and wings we never knew we had.

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