Apr 1, 2014

A letter from Taryn Dirks

This month I received a letter from Taryn Dirks.  She and her husband Nathan serve as MC Canada Witness Workers in Botswana and are recipients of our Pennies and Prayer Legacy Fund.  I have posted the letter on our web site under Dirks Update and want to share some excerpts from it as well as some photos that she sent.  

Taryn writes: "I've been wanting to connect with you ladies for awhile now and will hopefully be connecting more often this year with more things being established and relationships growing."

"This year has started a bit rougher then we would have liked it to. Our truck with most of our personal belongings were stolen including our passports....."

"We have seen many blessings come out of the events of the new year....." 

"I am very happy to say that we have a girls' soccer team with the Spiritual Healing Church.....the group of girls that are coming to the practices are also the girls that have expressed an interest in a girls' bible study."

"Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers.  May God's blessings pour down.  All the best, Taryn"

Click on 'Dirks Update' above to read the entire letter!

     The Koogotsitse Family that we stayed with when we first arrived
17 girls came out to our first meeting!
Ladies playing Dutch Blitz1

Getting ready for rock climbing
Wheelbarrow team!
Taryn and Tlotlo

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