May 12, 2017

Women Walking Together in Faith - May 2017 - "Levelling the playing field"

     The latest of our bi-monthly articles in the Canadian Mennonite is written by our President, Shirley Redekop.  She begins her article : The saying goes, “There are two gifts we should give our children: one is roots, the other is wings.” My husband and I encouraged our children to fly and prayed we gave them roots.
     Shirley continues ..... it is our daughter Hannah who is now a long-term CPT volunteer in Colombia. She’s been there for four years now, walking with farmers who are at risk of being forcibly displaced from their land, and learning about the challenges women face in that setting.
     Earlier this year, Shirley and her husband Fred travelled to Colombia to spend some time with Hannah.  Read more about their experiences HERE.
Pictured l to r: Maria Angela Peinado; Hannah, Fred and Shirley Redekop;
 Maricela Jimenez; and Pierre Shantz. (Photo courtesy of Shirley Redekop)

Shirley and Hannah walk the Camino Real in Barichara, Colombia. 
(Photo courtesy of Shirley Redekop) 

Shirley and Hannah visit villages along the Magdalena River
in Colombia. (Photo courtesy of Shirley Redekop)

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