Mar 14, 2015

Sister Care in Ontario


Sister Care Seminars provide women with tools for ongoing personal healing, recognizing and celebrating God’s grace in their lives, and responding more confidently and effectively to the needs of others in their families, congregations, and communities.

On October 3 and 4, 2014 forty-five women from across Ontario gathered in Cambridge for a Sister Care Seminar sponsored by Women of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (WMCEC).  

The co-presenters (also the co-writers of the resource along with Ruth Guengerich) were Carolyn Holderead Heggen (left) and Rhoda Shenk Keener (right).  They are currently working on a video to accompany the 64-page manual. The manual is available to borrow through the Mennonite Church Canada Resource Centre or for purchase through the Mennonite Women USA office or 316-281-4396.

See a link to Martha Smith Good's write-up on the blog post from Oct 17.

Here are some comments that the WMCEC 
executive received about the weekend!

During our time together, what was a highlight for you?
 - the calm spirit, the caring, the stories
 - the blessing at the end of meeting
 - we all have had brokenness; I am not alone.    
 - being with sisters/women and sharing with each other
 - listening to the stories and speakers;  my feelings are normal  

What did you find helpful...for your own faith journey... for walking with others?
 - understanding how physical relates to emotional/mental issues
 - hearing the transforming power of listening and caring
 - I am God’s beloved daughter and God doesn’t change
 - be available, be sensitive, be quiet and listen
 - hearing other women’s stories of grief and healing

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