Mar 20, 2015

Women walking together in faith - March 2015 - "Being still together"

Women Walking Together in Faith is the name of Mennonite Women Canada's page in the Canadian Mennonite magazine. Our executive members each take a turn writing or finding someone to write.  The most recent article entitled "Being still together" appeared on March 11 and was a composite piece written by Elsie Wiebe, Kathy Giesbrecht and Jolanda Friesen members of the Mennonite Women Manitoba working group.  

The Mennonite Women Manitoba working group is composed of 
Evelyn Friesen, left, Kathy Giesbrecht, Elsie Wiebe, Ruth Epp 
and Jolanda Friesen. Missing was Mary Anne Arndt. 

"There is so much to be done. Extra demands at home and at work. More time with the family. Keeping up with an exercise program. Planning the next holiday. Time out with friends. Involvement in our children’s school and extra-curricular activities, and many more. The demands of life draw us into a myriad of activities demanding our time and energy."

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