Jan 30, 2015

Women Walking Together in Faith - January 2015 - "Looking back on a most incredible journey"

Princess Gloria 

In our latest Canadian Mennonite article
you will be introduced to our wonderful friend and Sister in Christ who has become an integral part of our MCBC Women’s Ministry retreat weekends. 

Over the past four years, "Princess Gloria” has brought loads of enthusiasm, fabulous ideas and endless laughter to our retreats & committee meetings! We have had many ( in her words), “Goose-y Moments/Aha/God Moments” together, as she shared her gifts among us, by helping to create meaningful events with opportunities to learn, have fun, or just relax; always with the intent of encouraging  women to return again the following year, bringing friends or family members with them. Her presence has been, and continues to be, an incredible blessing!  

So, here's a big shout-out of thanks from All of us 
that enjoy our MCBC Women's Retreat weekends! 

Waltrude Gortzen – MCBC Women’s Ministry. 

P.S. And... if you are curious as to why "Princess Gloria"? 
It's really quite simple - she is the daughter of our King of Kings and therefore a Princess! 
Are you a princess, yet?

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