Jan 26, 2015

Nathan and Taryn Dirks

A recent email from Mennonite Church Canada shared some information from the blog of Nathan and Taryn Dirks.  As Witness workers in Botswana they are recipients of our Pennies and Prayer Legacy Fund.

As we look at our fiscal year ending January 31, 2015 we anticipate a shortfall and continually strive to do more with less.  Nathan and Taryn’s perspective on the ‘Numbers Game’ describes the difference that generous donors from across Canada are making.  Here are a few excepts:

  • 38 – Prison inmates who completed the year long “Bible Timeline Series” and received certificates of completion
  • 5 – Youth from Mennonite Ministries Bible studies who were ordained as preachers
  • 55 – Bibles gifted to serious students of scripture who had no Bible of their own
  • 6,000+ – Number of chocolate chip cookies baked by Taryn for Bible studies
  • 5 – Usual length, in hours, of Friday night Bible studies
  • 258 – Christmas gift bags packaged and delivered to First Offenders Prison in Gaborone, enough for every inmate in the prison and every guard on duty
  • 40 – Length of time, in years, that Mennonites and African Indigenous Churches in Botswana have been partnering together as of 2014
You can read more on the Dirks’ blog. Theirs is just one of many impact stories of the work we do together as a national church in 25 countries around the world and in Canada.

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