Oct 8, 2014

Women walking together in faith - September 2014 - "Ways we warm each other's hearts"

Women Walking Together in Faith
is the name of Mennonite Women Canada's page in the Canadian Mennonite magazine. Our executive members each take a turn writing or finding someone to write.  The most recent article appeared on September 15 and was written by Liz Koop, President of MW Canada. 

She writes, "Since 2002, 22 women from across Canada have received financial assistance from our SGAF (Spiritual Growth Assistance Fund). A recent e-mail survey discovered that 15 are currently working in pastoral ministry, serving as lead, assistant, youth, interim or community pastors—12 in Canada and three in the U.S.—and one is a spiritual care director at a rehab and long-term-care facility."  Recipients share expressions of gratitude for financial aid received, as well as the joy and commitment they are experiencing in their ministry.  Click here to read the article.

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