Jul 14, 2014

MW Canada Annual Meeting (part 2)

Here are some photos from our dessert and coffee event!

Yummy desserts!
Thanks to the local team for decorating!

Fellowship around the tables

Liz Koop, President, welcomed the over 80 women and recognized MC Canada staff who were present.  She also introduced several special guests.  Rhoda Keener, Co-director of Mennonite Women USA brought greetings and shared about their Sister Care program.  Christina Barkman, MC Canada Witness worker, shared about the ministry she and her husband, Darnell, are involved in in Manila, Philippines.  Margaret Ewert, from Drake, SK, presented us with a lacquered tray she had received from women in Taiwan while she was President of Canadian Women in Mission during the 70's.

Rhoda Keener, Co-director of MW USA bought greetings
Christina Barkman shared about her work in the Philippines

Margaret Ewert making a presentation

The next post will be about the business session.

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