May 28, 2014

WMCEC Ottawa Bus Tour, May 2 - 4

What a wonderful weekend in Ottawa!  Dorothy Hamm, Program Coordinator for WMCEC and her committee organized a busy weekend for two busloads of women from the Niagara, Toronto and Kitchener/Waterloo areas on May 2-4.   The original intent was to also take in the lovely Tulip Festival, but due to the long winter we were too early to see many tulips blooming.  However we did see lovely ones in a shop window!

Together with the women from the Ottawa Mennonite churches we fellowshipped over meals and listened to each other’s faith stories focussing on how we nurture each other on our life’s journey.   In an email thank-you note to the Ottawa Mennonite Church ladies, Dorothy states, “… we want to thank you for opening your hearts to us last weekend and for giving us a most memorable and wonderful time! We, who were able to attend via the bus trip, enjoyed our time with you and loved the programming and the participation. The people were welcoming, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was warm and friendly! We felt that God was among us, and blessing us as we nurtured each other’s garden of gifts.  We really didn’t even miss the tulips. Instead, we have discovered new relationships that will bloom as we continue our fellowship together.” 

Linda writes:  "With two amazing events thus far in 2014, I can hardly wait for the next WMCEC exciting activity!  As my cousin Terri commented, “Women know how to network with soul!”  So true!  Please watch for postings at your local church for our next happening."  

From notes submitted by Linda Wiens, WMCEC Communicator

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