May 31, 2014

Nathan and Taryn Dirks

Nathan and Taryn are Mennonite Church Canada workers in Gabarone, Botswana. One aspect of their ministry focuses on the local church youth and their involvement in a prison visitation ministry.  Earlier this spring Nathan shared a story called Captive Free.  It is a creative non-fiction perspective of an encounter with one inmate.  

It begins:  "He walked toward us with a steady gait. Confident. Calm. Content. But certainly not carefree. How could he be? His sun-faded orange jumpsuit stood out sharply against the stark backdrop of white prison walls. Prison yard commotion broiled in the cordoned off background where a football match flowed across a dusty, compressed pitch, the thump of the ball punctuated by shouts from the men. Nervous inmates paced along the inner fence as an eclectic mixture of rhythmic dance music and melodic traditional tunes drifted over the wall from the military housing surrounding the prison."  

Click here to read the whole story.  

We support Nathan and Taryn's ministry through our Pennies and Prayer Legacy Fund.

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