Apr 8, 2013

Women walking together in faith - March 2013 - "Gardening delights over generations"

Every second month, MW Canada is responsible for a page in the Canadian Mennonite under the heading "Women Walking Together in Faith".  A list of recent articles appeared in a previous post.    The most recent article was in the March 18 issue and was titled "Gardening delights over generations", written by Liz Koop, President of MW Canada.

Hopefully spring has already arrived in your area.  I'm looking forward to working in my garden soon.
My niece and nephew, Katie and Elijah, are willing helpers!

Echinacea, petunias, coral bells, rock roses and iris 

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  1. Lovely article and pictures. Resonates with my story and projected spring projects a lot. Now if that Manitoba snow would just hurry up and melt.