Feb 13, 2013

Women walking in faith - January 2013 - "In the Bleak Mid-winter"

Just so you know - this is a re-posting.  While working on the blog I inadvertently reverted it back to a draft.  Now, when I publish it I don't know if it will revert back to the original date of Feb 13 but I hope so.  If not, I'm not going to worry about it.  The blog about the next article will be ready very soon!  

In the January 22 issue of the Canadian Mennonite on page 13 is an article which Ev Buhr, President of Mennonite Women Alberta, put together.  Thanks, Ev for your commitment to women's ministry and for the time and energy over the past 8 years you have served on the executive of Mennonite Women Canada.  

For those of you who are not familiar with the Canadian Mennonite magazine, click here.

For the past several years, every second month, Mennonite Women Canada has had a page in the Canadian Mennonite under the heading "Women Walking Together in Faith". Each person on our executive takes her turn to fill this page.  We appreciate the advice and guidance of Leona Dueck Penner of Winnipeg who helps us with choosing topics and editing.     

A partial list of the articles we have submitted thus far is below:

Nov 2010 – MCEC – Patty Ollies (At this time, in this particular place)
Jan 2011 – BC – Waltrude Gortzen (‘Virtual’ Ladies Circles on the horizon)
Mar 2011 – SK – Ruby Harder, Naomi Unger (As God’s Field)
May 2011 – AB – Ev Buhr (A Place to Belong)
July 2011 – President – Liz Koop (Working together in God’s Vineyard) **
Sept 2011 – BC – Waltrude Gortzen (A Place to Belong – quilting and parachutes)
Nov 2011 – Leona Dueck Penner  (“Mother Jesus”) **
Jan 2012 – SK – Myrna Sawatzky and Naomi Unger (Finding joy in Jesus’ presence) **
Mar 2012 – AB – Ev Buhr (Wake up, women!  Let our lights shine!)
May 2012 – President – Liz Koop (Scattering Seeds for a NEW Season)
July 2012 – Leona Dueck Penner (Marriage Blessings)
Sept 2012 – BC – Waltrude Gortzen (Figuring things out!)
Nov 2012 – SK – Myrna Sawatzky (Mennonite Women in Leadership)
Jan 2013 – AB – Ev Buhr (Living with illness in the bleak of mid-winter)

**A number of times when we have submit photos with our articles they have appeared as the front cover.  See post from September 19, 2012 titled "Canadian Mennonite - Front Covers". 

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