Feb 21, 2013

PrayerNet - Resource for Lent

PrayerNet is a new Mennonite Church Canada communication sent out monthly by email.  
Deborah Froese, PrayerNet Coordinator, writes the following:  "By the time you receive this issue of PrayerNet, we’ll be approaching the second week of Lent. This forty day season of introspection and lament invites us to examine our own lives through the life and death of Christ. During Lent, many of our brothers and sisters practice withdrawal from the more worldly things of life to identify with Jesus and renew themselves for the life God calls them to.   “It’s a time to enter the wilderness,” says Elsie Rempel, Mennonite Church Canada Formation Consultant. “And just what wilderness means will vary from person to person.”  

In a Feb. 13 post on Elsie Spins a Blog, Elsie Rempel explores what wilderness means to her this year. For a resource designed to help families of all ages journey through Lent together, check out her resource Lent at Home, Ashamed no More (illustrated by Megan Kamei) by clicking on the title.    

May you experience God’s grace during this season of Lent, and every hope that comes with our risen Lord on Easter.  Deborah Froese 

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