Nov 14, 2012

Simply Majestic

Well.... it took a while but I finally finished the 2012 retreat report and I might as well tell you up front..... it's l-o-n-g and it has l-o-t-s and l-o-t-s of pictures so it will take you a while to get through it. :-)

Please come and have a visit with all the MCBC ladies. 
They are waiting for you right HERE.


  1. Waltrude, thanks for posting your retreat write-up. There's a problem with the link. I can't seem to get to the write-up. I hope to get the report from the WMCEC Celebrating Women luncheon soon and then I will post it.

  2. Sorry about the link problems, ladies!

    Should be all fixed now!

  3. OK!
    Ladies, this has been a bit strange. but I really think it's FIXED NOW! Seriously!
    If you've tried and given up.... PLEASE give it another try!

    Thanks a bunch! :-)

  4. What a great write-up, Waltrude! ...and the pictures added so much! I know it's a lot of work planning the retreat (understatement) but well worth it. Congratulations to you and your team on another successful event! On behalf of Mennonite Women Canada, please convey our thanks and appreciation to the women of BC for their contribution to our Spiritual Growth Assistance Fund.