Nov 21, 2012

Prayer for Peace

With Christmas just over a month away, many of us have already started decorating our homes and thinking of what this Christmas season will hold for us.  

As we hear reports of the unrest and tragic loss of life in the middle East we cringe knowing that many of the places we so deeply associate with the birth of the Prince of Peace are ringing with air raid sirens, not carols of the infant king.

How do we celebrate the One who came to dwell among us, when missiles level the dwellings of our sisters and brothers?

The following prayer was written by Rick Cober Bauman (Executive Director of MCC Ontario) late last Saturday night after an especially grim newscast.  Thankfully all MCC workers and partners are unharmed, but deeply concerned that conditions may worsen. 

And when your prayer ends, and you return to thinking about Christmas, reach for the MCC Christmas Giving Catalogue, "Gifts of Love and Compassion". Choose ways to share the Love of Christ even in the face of war.

Prayer for Peace from a Distance

Lord of Heaven and Earth, even from a distance, we sense the blast of missiles and the stench of explosions.

Yet we cling to your promise of peace.

 Lord of Heaven and Earth, even from a distance, we feel the loss of children and mothers.

Yet we hold to your promise of never leaving us.

 Lord of Heaven and Earth, even from a distance we pray that all your children from Gaza to Syria, from Cairo to Jerusalem may sleep unafraid.

Yet we lament the tanks, and rifles and warplanes that explode the night with terror.

 Lord of Heaven and Earth, even from a distance we can hope, because we pray, that your peace will prevail, that your people will choose life, true life in you, Giver of all Life. 


Rick Cober Bauman
Executive Director, MCC Ontario

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  1. Appreciate your sharing of this prayer. MCC continues to covet your prayers for the many people it serves!
    - Darren (MCC Ontario, Community Engagement)