Jun 8, 2012

No peeking!

Hmmmmmmmm! What's this you wonder???

Did she post the wrong picture here? hehehe

Nope! Let me assure you that I did not! ! ! ! :-)

No peeking! :-)
What's in this bag you ask?

Well now, that`s for me to know and for you to find out but..... for that you will just have to come to the 
Mennonite Women Canada 
60th Anniversary Celebration on 
Saturday, July 14th in Vancouver.

Tickets are still on sale until June 15th, so hurry and get your ticket right HERE.
And.... you do not have to be a delegate to attend our celebration but you do need to have a ticket.... $25.00 per person!

FYI -- there will be more surprises at our celebration, but don`t tell anyone that I let the cat out of the proverbial bag.  hehehe     Shhhhh!!!

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