Feb 17, 2012

Spiritual Growth Assistance Fund

Two of our recent postings have been letters that we received in December from recipients of our Spiritual Growth Assistance Fund (SGAF).  Thanks, Alicia and Lydia for your letters.  May God bless you as you discern his will for your life while you pursue your studies. 

Today I want to share some historical information about this fund which I found in Esther Patkau’s book Canadian Women in Mission 1895-1952-2002.  In 1983 a new fund, called Travel Assistance Fund, was started “to assist women from smaller outlying congregations to attend spiritual development events”.   In 1984 the fund was renamed Spiritual Growth Travel Assistance Fund.  In 1993 it was renamed again to Spiritual Growth Assistance Fund “for women preparing for the ministry”. 

The SGAF assists women with the costs of academic and/or applied study at the Master’s level in church related ministries (such as seminary, theology, peace and conflict resolution).  Members of a congregation belonging to Mennonite Church Canada are eligible to apply.  Funding may be granted for part of the tuition costs (payable to the institution) at the discretion of the executive of MW Canada.  First time applicants are given priority, but applications for continuing support are also considered.  The deadline for applications is June 30.

Since 2002 we have been able to assist sixteen women. They are: Melanie Neufeld, Melanie Steinman, Lois Siemens, Twila Epp, Rachel Epp, Leah Bueckert, Marla Langelotz, Melissa Miller, Alissa Bender, Rachel Siemens, Reece Retzlaff, Kara Carter, Virginia Gerbrandt, Sara Erb, Alicia Good and Lydia Cruttwell.

As MW Canada prepares for its 60th Anniversary celebrations in July it would be wonderful if we could reconnect with these women and hear where they are in life’s journey.  If you know any of these women, please spread the word and encourage these women to contact us by emailing or by leaving a comment here.

Application forms are available at our web site at Mennonite Church Canada under the heading Spiritual Growth Assistance Fund or by contacting Liz Koop.      


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  1. As of today, March 12, I've heard from 3 of the 16 past recipients of the SGAF via email. Thanks for responding! I hope to hear from the rest of you!