Jan 29, 2010

4 Grandmas 4 U

Are you interested in learning more about baking, cooking and managing your kitchen? Four grandmothers from Saskatchewan are happy to share on a regular basis on this blog their considerable knowledge of baking, cooking and managing of households. In December these 4 grandmas each posted a favorite, traditional cookie recipe that their family prepares and enjoys during the Christmas season.

This month they will be sharing recipes for baking with yeast. I am thinking, from the way they have typed up these recipes, that they are assuming the reader knows something about baking with yeast! That may not be the case, in which, I invite you to feel free to ask questions by clicking on “comments” and posting your questions there.

In alphabetical order the grandmas are:

ELVA EPP, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
DONNA DRIEDGER, Osler, Saskatchewan
MARLENE FROESE, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
HEDIE HARDER, Hanley, Saskatchewan

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