Oct 4, 2018

Vineland Women host Carol Penner

Eighteen women gathered on Monday afternoon for the opening session of the 2018-19 Women's Bible Study at Vineland United Mennonite Church.  The leaders, Adelaide Fransen and Mary Eleanor Penner, had invited Carol Penner, the writer of the 2018 Bible Study Guide "Every Day Worship" to join us.  We were delighted and honoured that she accepted.   Carol's warm and friendly smiles cheered up everyone on this dreary fall afternoon and we enjoyed hearing how she came to be the writer and how she decided on the theme for this devotional booklet.  After autographing our copies of "Every Day Worship" Carol led us through the first lesson and we enjoyed visiting over coffee, tea and refreshments.  Our group meets every other Monday afternoon through the fall and winter.  Carol mentioned that she would be delighted to meet with other groups in the area who are using her material.  She can be reached at c2penner@uwaterloo.ca

Carol autographing our copies of "Every Day Worship"

Carol has a blog with worship resources at http://carolpenner.typepad.com/leadinginworship/

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