Feb 23, 2018

Link to Tanzania Tour Webinar

On Tuesday, February 20, tour leader Shirley Redekop and Sandra Reimer from Tourmagination presented a webinar about the upcoming Women's Tour to Tanzania.  The webinar is about half and hour long and features an interview with Esther Muhagachi.  You can follow the Link to the Webinar and read Esther's introduction below. The webinar included a Q&A session.  You'll find more contact information and more details if you follow the link.

My name is Esther Muhagachi I grew up in West Part of Tanzania I am married to Bishop Amos Muhagachi  and we are blessed with four children: Violet (24), Victor (22), Grace (20)and  Peace (15) I am a Nurse by profession and I have been working for 10 years as Director of Grace and Healing Ministry Dodoma (GHMD) under Tanzania Mennonite Church.  In this role, I have been supervising the Health team that deals with people living with HIV/AIDS and the most vulnerable children in the community. I was also providing counseling and guidance to people living with HIV/AIDS, encouraging drug adherence, prevention of infections, and facilitate the trauma healing and mentorship program within the diocese. I am also in charge of the Stand with Students program for the most vulnerable children registered in the program of the Church.

Currently I am working towards a Masters of Art in Christian Formation (MACF) at AMBS I am staying on campus with my husband and our youngest child, Peace, who is studying at Bethany Christian School. Joining the seminary is a blessing to my life and I can say it is a dream coming true. It was my inner call to serve God in church ministry, but some obstacles and discouragements delayed me. I believe this is the right time that God wants to use me.  

I am so delighted to get connected with the Tourmagination and I am looking forward to share more of my experience with you and get to know you better.

Esther Muhagachi 


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