Oct 10, 2016

Barkman's latest newsletter

Darnell and Christina Barkman, along with their children Cody, Makai and Teyah, are Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers in the Philippines. They are current recipients of our PENNIES AND PRAYER LEGACY FUND. Their most recent newsletters from September 2016 was recently posted on our web site under NEWSLETTERS

In an email to friends and family, Christina and Darnell wrote to friends and family as follows......... "I wrote about the thousands of extra-judicial killings endorsed by President Duterte, and today, as I'm about to send this update, we hear that the one person in Senate who has been speaking up against these unjust killings was voted out of her position. See this link for more about it. We are appalled and fear the loss of democracy here, as everyone seems to be giving 100% support to a president who is telling his people to kill all the drug users. 
Thanks for the prayers, and hope you are all well."

They also have a BLOG where you can read more about their 
life as a family, their joys and their challenges.

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