Oct 23, 2015

SWM Retreat at Shekinah Retreat Centre

Last weekend I attended the Saskatchewan Women in Mission Retreat held at Timberlodge, Shekinah Retreat Center  The theme of the retreat was "Igniting our Creativity:  Looking Back, Moving Forward". A full report will be available soon, but today I just want to post some of the photos I took.
Timberlodge, Shekinah Retreat Centre, Waldheim

Main gathering area for meals, inspirational sessions
and displays
Womens' groups had been asked to bring along an item that was 
representative of their local group. These were shared during the evening session and included several quilts, wall hangings, posters and even a song 
performed by one of the  groups. 

This quilt commemorates the groups that were
part of SWM from 1948 to 1985.

Esther Patkau, author of the book,
Canadian Women in Mission 1895-1952-2002,
shared some stories of her long involvement with women's
groups in her local church and the SWM.  

This group had written words to a familiar hymn and has used
it as the theme for their group for many years.

A collage of the handbooks that the Zoar Mennponite Church
women's group in Langhgam has used over the years.  

On Saturday morning, Pauline Steinman shared about
celebrating God's gift of creativity together and challenged
us to take risks and imagine a new reality for our
mission in the church and in the world.  

Creating a paper labyrinth was one of the activities
available during a reflective half hour after the morning session.
In the closing candle ceremony Sharon Schultz challenged
us to see God's glory in our work and worship and in new
possibilities and opportunities; to walk together in unity
of love and purpose; to uphold one another
and to live in faithful obedience to God. 


  1. Lovely pictures!
    I particularly like the photo of the Lodge. Sure looks like a wonderful place to have a Women's Retreat!
    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. The lovely pictures give us a sense of what the retreat was all about. The theme of creativity is one that our study group is exploring using Yamasaki's "SPARK ":Igniting your God - given creativity as our guide.