Apr 20, 2015

Nathan and Taryn Dirks

Nathan and Taryn Dirks 
are recipients of our 

~ ~ ~ Please pray for Nathan and Taryn, a young Mennonite Church Canada worker couple from Niagara United Mennonite Church. They focus on ministry with youth and young adults from local African Initiated Churches (AICs) – congregations initiated by Africans and not by missionaries from another continent. In March they will be coming back to Canada for the first time since 2012, and then will be heading back to Botswana at the end of July, in order to serve a second term. They are expecting their first child, due while in Canada, so please pray for that, too!
---from a Mennonite Church Canada release

Congratulations, Nate and Taryn!  
May you feel God's blessings through the miracle of birth and 
through the love of family and friends that surround you 
at this special time!

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