Feb 9, 2014

Women walking together in faith - November 2013 - "Praising God through dance"

Today I thought I would post a link to MW Canada's latest contribution to our 'Women Walking Together in Faith' page in the Canadian Mennonite which appeared in the January 20 issue and realized that I hadn't posted the link to the article by Kate Janzen of Calgary who wrote "Praising God through dance" which was published on November 11.

Kate starts her article with a question:  What is a Mennonite dilemma? Answer:  Free dance lessons!

Here is an exerpt from the interview:
Kate:  Do you think dancing could be part of worshipping God?
Quinlan:  When I dance, it feels like a prayer and I can communicate feelings that are too deep for words.  God made me in his image and he says my body is his temple, so dance is praise to the Creator.

Click here to read the whole article.

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