Jun 28, 2013

MW Canada Annual Meeting

At  Mennonite Church Canada Annual Assembly last July, delegates voted to shift to biennial assemblies.  Since Mennonite women from across Canada have always met in conjunction with Assembly, MW Canada will also be shifting to biennial meetings.   MC Canada will still be holding an Annual General Meeting on Friday, July 12.  Details can be found here.
MW Canada does not have the technical capability of doing this and we are in the process of trying to determine how we can conduct the business that needs to be taken care of annually.  This would include presenting and accepting minutes of our last annual meeting,  approving Opportunities for Giving (2014-15) and making changes in our executive positions and terms of office.

For the past few months, exposure on our blog has been increasing.  Perhaps directing women from our blog to a place where they can view the minutes, vote on various items of business and leave comments would work.  Another option would be to put together a business packet and either mail or email it to each church asking for a response to be returned.

I'm sure we'll figure something out!

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