Mar 12, 2012

Spring Leadership Assembly Update

For three days the Councils and General Board of Mennonite Church Canada met in various rooms of First Mennonite Church in Winnipeg.  As part of Witness Council, we met with them briefly to report, discuss some of our ongoing projects and receive counsel.

This was my first time chairing our MW Canada executive planning meeting and I am pleased to say that, after my initial nervousness dissipated, the meetings ran smoothly.  We had a very full agenda which included:  daily devotionals; acceptance of minutes and financial statement; reviewing and selecting new recipients for our ongoing projects (see Opportunities for Giving in sidebar); meeting with local women, reporting from our Communications Committee; updating our constitution; and planning for our 60th Anniversary Celebration to be held on July 14 during Assembly in Vancouver.

The theme is "Scattering Seeds for a New Season".  Posters are being sent out to churches across Canada and tickets will be available soon.  So please plan to attend and connect with other Mennonite women from across Canada!

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  1. Sooooo looking forward to welcoming all the women to BC in the summer. :-)