Oct 21, 2010


Irene Klassen, Calgary, Alberta recently discovered this blog and the Mennonite Women Canada website. Following are Irene’s comments that remind us how technology has changed how we do certain aspects of communication now. She says:

I went to the website, (hadn't paid much attention to it earlier), and was really impressed! WOW! How Women in Mission (former name) has evolved! Several name changes, and styles of leadership, to going inter-net.

From the early days:
- When reports and literature was sent by snail mail.
- When Mrs Pauls was president here in Alberta, she would take advantage of the Menno Bible Institute events. (Mr Pauls was Principal of the Bible School) In the spring when parents came to pick up their children after School Closing, she would send Women in Mission information with the parents to hand deliver to all the local Women's groups at Pincher Creek, Rosemary, Tofield etc. and of course they would pass them along to the local women's president. In the fall when students arrived it was the same. Saved much on postage.

- When cc really meant carbon copy, and letters were laboriously carbon copied, even by hand. Then later came the Hectograph - that was when Frieda Peters was president.

- When meetings and minutes were in German.

- When long-distance phone calls were rare.

- When Missions meant supporting overseas missionaries.

- When women made knit and rolled bandages, and quilted at meetings. Women always had a pair of needles and a bandage in process in their purse.

- When a minister, male of course, was present to give the closing benediction, and often even the opening, at meetings.

- Women in Mission reports were just sent to the Alberta Conference to be included in the Report book. I think I was the first one to actually present the report at the conference, and after that it was taken for granted.

Ah well.... there I go ... pondering. Now I can follow everything that goes on in Mennonite Women Canada on the inter-net. Just go to www.

Irene Klassen
Calgary, Alberta

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  1. I enjoyed your comments, Irene. In the 40 years or so that I have been part of a women's group in our church I've also experienced some of these changes and transitions. Being able to connect other women across Canada at the touch of a finger or two is an amazing and exciting venture and I hope that more and more Mennonite women across Canada will become aware of this blog and find connections here!