Dec 14, 2009

Egg-White Puffs (Schaum Kuchen)

As three friends and I sat and reflected on Christmas and our childhood days we all agreed that even though our parents were not financially well off, Christmas was about providing well. The kitchens had sweet aromas, tables were laden with many varieties of cookies on many days. They then filled tins to store all these cookies in a cold porch or summer kitchen. The cookies were ready now for Christmas, for family and guests. We also all remembered our fathers bringing home 100 pound bags of peanuts, crates of oranges and apples and old traditional candies purchased at “Candy Epp” in Saskatoon or “Riedigers” in Winnipeg. These orders supplied church, schools and homes. Giving and having enough was not stifled. Our memories brought us to how God always saw fit to supply and we were blessed.

I am a grandmother to 7 grandkids and love to prepare meals for my family. I prefer to do the meal and leave the dessert for someone else, but favourites are always fun.

I retired from teaching in 2000 and started a food serving business, “Made Just For You”.
I provided meals to many people and served Wednesday lunches at Mennonite Central Committee Sask. Donna, Elva, Hedie and I worked together at different times over a period of 8 years and became very fond of providing food.

Together, we 4 Grandma’s are experiencing the joy of sharing these recipes with you, the reader.

Enjoy our thoughts as well.

Egg-White Puffs (Schaum Kuchen)

4 egg whites, beaten
2 cups sugar
3 tbsp cocoa
Mix cocoa in egg white and sugar mixture.
Bake at 325 on parchment lined cookie sheet.
They rise, separate and are puffy and dried.

Marlene (Koop) Froese,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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