Sep 16, 2009


"This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it." This is a quotation from the Bible, Psalm 118 verse 24.
To help me be "glad in my day", I aspire to spend some time each day in meditation and devotion. Many days in my life I have missed doing this and sometimes have gone months without pursuing a deliberate daily "sitting down" to reflect and learn. However, during those times when I have had regular quiet times for myself, I have felt renewed.

Thankfully, there are excellent resources to help me with this discipline. One resource that appears on this blog on a daily basis is called Rejoice, and it is one that I use. Just click on Daily Devotional.

Another guide I recommend is called Take Our Moments and Our Days An Anabaptist Prayer Book. To order or request information on this book please call 1-800-245-7894, or visit

Written by Erna Neufeldt
Photo by Leona Dueck Penner

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