Aug 28, 2009

Women's Resources for Loan

A Life Displaced: A Mennonite Woman's Flight from War-Torn Poland, Pandora Press, 2000.

A piece of Mennonite history that has received little attention is the story of the Mennonites in Prussia and Poland during World War II who failed to escape the advancing Russians. Not only did these people see their world dramatically altered by war, but also many faced rape, severe hunger, separation from loved ones, forced labor camps, constant threat of death, and loss of identity in a society that no longer tolerated religious differences. Through dramatic stories and photographs, Edna Schroeder Thiessen shares with us her wartime experiences during that turbulent time.

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  1. If you would like to experience a woman's journey as a displaced person in the war of 1939+ read this book. It is amazing.

  2. do you know where i can purchase this book? The man refered to in the book as Alton is my father who passed away August 16, 2009. He spoke often about his time in Poland. He mentioned the book and said he was mentioned once by first name only but I would really like to buy a copy of this book to have.

  3. Hello Paul!

    I don't know if anyone ever help you with where to get this book but you might want to try the MC Canada Resource Center

    They should be able to help you out!