Mar 16, 2009


Wanted ! ! !

It's quite amazing...
...the changes one little word can bring to ones life!

It's been almost a year now since I said "Yes"
to the call to take part in
Canadian Women in Mission's "Task Force".
My first thought, after having been asked was...

"Why me, Lord?
What is there that I can contribute to this "Task Force?"

In any case, I ended up saying yes and the next thing I know... life has been turned upside down!

Stepping back a few years.....
Veronica Thiessen, BC Women in Mission's last President
had asked me to take her position
I declined the invitation to let my name stand.
I just felt that I was not the right person for the position and yet.... I am
writing for the Canadian Women in Mission's blog
as the spokesperson for BC.

NOBODY better tell me that our Lord and Saviour
doesn't have a sense of humour!
How else would I have gotten into this predicament?

After all, I only said yes to the "Task Force" right?

Well, with lots of prayers and the Lord's help,
I hope to do justice to the place I find myself in!

The moral of this little story is....
that we just never know what the Lord has in mind for us...
and... He gets us there one way or another!
We just have to be prepared to accept what He has planned for us,
even when we think that we cannot do it or are not the right person,
He may have a different opinion on the matter!

Let me assure you;
I never imagined being in this position ...
... not even in my wildest dreams!

Found the following in "Our Daily Bread" for March 15, 2008....
and can't believe that today is March 15, 2009.
Another coincidence? I don't think so ! ! !

It says....

I'm available for God to use me,
Available, if God should choose me;
Should it be now or then, it doesn't matter when;
I want to see lost souls be born again. --- Anthony

God has work for all His children,
regardless of age or ability.

Will you be ready when He needs you?

Monday, March 16th, 2009
I just noticed that the date stamp on my post is for today. I obviously forgot the time difference between Ontario & BC. I actually did write and posted it during the evening of the 15th. :-)

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  1. Hello Waltrude,

    Thank you for this positive witness to being ready to be involved today, tomorrow or whenever. I like your attitude.

    Erna Neufeldt